About Us

In today’s busy world where a working class citizen spends most of the time either working or travelling, finding time to cook has become a luxury and eating out has become a habit. However, we are increasingly finding that ready to eat food sold in restaurants or pre-packed is either stale, contaminated, prepared in unhygienic conditions or is too expensive. Henceforth, it is natural for consumers to search for an alternative that is light on their wallets, prepared in hygienic conditions, not contaminated and is fresh. For such a consumer, what could be more appropriate than food prepared at home.

Katta Mitta is first of a kind mobile commerce platform bringing together customers who prefer healthy home food and vendors who are predominantly housewives, have time in hand and are willing to cook and sell their delicious recipes for a price. Apart from providing tasty and healthy food alternative for customers, our aim is to provide means of making extra money to all the home cooks.