Frequently asked Questions by Vendors

Q1. How can I become a Vendor? or How to download the App?

Ans. App is available for Android users on google play store. Once you download, application will automatically drive you through the registration process.


Q2. How can I change the language on the app?

Ans. You are asked to select desired language at the time of app installation. You can also change the language at later time by navigating to Language option available in the Menu which is located on the top left corner of the app beside Home identified by three horizontal lines.


Q3. Where can I find on screen help?

Ans. Three dots are available on the top right corner of the app, when tapped Help option becomes available. If you select the help, screen help will appear in the form of arrows and text. Help will disappear once you taps on any part of the screen.


Q4. What are benefits of downloading App,sharing App?

Ans. By downloading Vendor App, you can benefit being part of our vendor network and selling your food. By downloading customer App you can buy hygienic, authentic, unadulterated and delicious home food from a vendor close to your home. By sharing the app you will get a bonus of Rs 200 every time someone you a person you referred joins KattaMitta.


Q5. How I will get the Bonus and Sharing benefits. ?

Ans. When you register, you will receive a active bonus amount of Rs 500.  As a vendor, you can use this amount to purchase KattaMitta branded packaging material. Every time you refer KattaMitta application to a friend, you will receive Rs 200 as bonus when they download the App and register with us. You can use this bonus amount as soon as the amount becomes active. Bonus amount received through sharing becomes active when the referral member makes their first purchase.


Q6. Do I need to pay to become a Vendor?

Ans. It is free to download and register on KattaMitta. What are you waiting for? Download now register with us as a Vendor, prepare your Menu and start selling.


Q7. How can I start selling on Katta Mitta?

Ans. Once you register on KattaMitta - Vendor app, you are required to create your Menu with food items that you wish to sell. Once your Menu is created, you are ready to sell.


Q8. From when we can expect the Orders?

Ans. At the moment we are registering Vendors only. We plan to launch customer App in a few weeks time giving us time to register sufficient Vendors whom we can train in using the app and ready to sell their delicious food.


Q9. Will I get the Orders Daily?

Ans.Number of orders will increase gradually as number of customers in Vendor's suburb increase. KattaMitta encourages Vendors to actively participate in promoting their kitchen among their local friends by making use of our share and earn program.


Q10. How much quantity I need to cook?

Ans. It depends on the type of food you would like to sell. If the food item is a long lasting product like pickles or savoury, you could make in larger quantity, save it in conducive environment and sell as per orders received. If the food item has a short life period like curries or Biryani then we suggest you to make it in a small quantity and increase the quantity as the orders increase.


Q11. What can I sell on Katta Mitta, are there any conditions?

Ans. You can sell any food items on Katta Mitta. Only condition is that, food has to be homemade.


Q12. How will I receive sale orders and how will I know about them?

Ans. Once a customer completes purchase of a food item from your Menu, you will receive a push notification informing you about the sale. The sale will also be reflected in your “My Orders” screen where you are required to either accept or reject the sale. Once you accept the order an invoice in generated for the same and customer pays for the order.


Q13. What is the process of adding food items to my Menu?

Ans. From your home screen, tap on Menu. You will be taken to My Menu screen and if there are no items in your Menu you will see a message “Oops there are no items in your Menu. Tap here to Add”. By tapping, you will be taken to catalog screen. Once you identify under which catalog your food items belong to, tap on that catalog. You will be then taken to products screen where you will see all the products under the catalog. You can find the items you would like to add to your Menu by scrolling down or by searching by item name. Once you find the item you would like to add to your Menu, tap on Add button. You will be taken to next screen where you can enter more details like Price, Quantity, own description. In case you would like to give the item your own name, you can do that so by entering the name in Your Title space.


Q14. Can I add items in my Menu that are not in the Catalog?

Ans. You can add your own items to your Menu by adding a closely matching item from catalog and giving it your own title.


Q15. How do I get paid for the products sold from my Menu?

Ans. The money you generate from the sales of the items in your menu will be collected in your E-Wallet. Every 15 days this amount is automatically transferred into the bank account you have nominated in your personal profile.


Q16. Who will fix the Product Price?

Ans. Pricing of the food item is left to Vendor's perusal. Our advise is: before pricing your product, make sure you take in to consideration of the cost of preparing the product including cost of ingredients, Gas, Electricity, Time taken etc.


Q17. Does Katta Mitta supply packiging material?

Ans. Yes you can buy Katta Mitta branded packing material from us.


Q18. Does Katta Mitta have a delivery mechanism?

Ans. At the moment we do not have a delivery mechanism. Customers of KattaMitta will order from their surrounding ares within a radius of 2 KM. Hence, most of the times customers will pickup their order from the vendor. In case customer wants food delivered to home, Vendor can also deliver the food at a cost. In cases where customer cannot pickup the order and vendor cannot deliver, KattaMitta plans to implement 3rd party delivery team in the near future.


Q19. If I want to deliver the food on my own, will I get any extra benefit?

Ans. Yes. When you deliver the food yourself you will get paid deliver charges.


Q20. How can I contact Katta Mitta if I have any questions?

Ans. In the Menu, there is a request form that you can use to contact us. All you need to do is open the request form, select Request type, enter request type and submit. This will send your request directly to our customer service and one of our customer service representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


Q21. How KattaMitta will make Profits?

Ans. Like any other ecommerce market place KattaMitta has multiple revenuer sources including commission from sales.


Frequently asked Questions by Customers

Customer FAQ will be published as soon as customer app available for download.